Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Setup Loadmaster Problems

A few things I was annoyed about before starting. My press only came with the 3 die set. I did not get the universal decapper die either. I’m not sure if this was because of my dealer, or if it’s normal with the Loadmaster. My Loadmaster didn’t come with the shell tray either that goes on top of the case feeder, again no idea if this was a cock up from my dealer or if it’s normal with Lee.
As expected I had a few problems during the set up of the loadmaster, luckily there are some very good setup guides and help available on the web.

The main places I went to get help where:
The first problem I had was that the system was not indexing, I found the problem was that the indexing rod was not engaging the frame. I found a video on Lee’s site that helped me with this problem. Basically I needed to undo the bolt at the base of the unit, twist the press until the indexing rod did engage the frame, and retighten the bolt. It was a nice quick fix, but a little annoying with a brand new press.

Next problem was with the priming system. I was having a lot of problems with the primer not seating correctly, i.e. at funny angles. I solved this by buying the 4 die set along with a universal decapper die. This helped because I resize the brass at the same time as adding a primer, it holds the brass straight and increases the changes of getting a good primer seated.

Next problem with the primers I had was that the slider got bent and the plastic deformed. In the set it includes a second slider, but it’s happened with that one too. I bent the plastic back and it’s working for now, but I do need a new slider. Added to the fact that I’m still getting a few primer placement problems I’m thinking of getting a hand primer tool and do the priming outside the press.

Next problem I had was with the bullet feeder. It was too small for a 9mm bullet to feed from it. The diameter was fine but the bullets are slightly too tall. I took a dremal tool and cut a channel in the top of the feed, it only took a minute but again it’s very annoying that the kit doesn’t work out of the box.

Last thing is the wooden handle of the press keeps coming off in my hand when I apply pressure at the bottom of the action. I haven’t done anything about this yet but am planning to glue the wooden handle back on the press. I believe that this is a common problem with the Lee’s.

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