Thursday, 21 April 2011

Setup Loadmaster Problems - followup

A few other problems that I did not talk about on my last post. These are all to do with the shell feeder.

I setup the shell feeder, tubes, sliders etc and it was working great. I created approx 100 rounds without any problems. After the first 100 the press started to get very stiff on the down stroke, I noticed that the slide would stick at the top and then slowly creep down before it would act normally again.

I didn’t notice the slider at first, and only really noticed it when I found that the slider rod was warm. In fact it was a little more than just warm, it was positively hot. I didn’t know what to do about this, so tried adding some lube, which helped for a while but did not solve it and caused the case feeder not to feed cases enough. In the end I found that the rod was bent out, so all I needed to do was bend it back in toward the press.

Second problem was caused by the first and it was that the case feeder wasn’t feeding cases into the press again after the problem above. I followed Lee’s instruction and tightened up the screws on the slider. I have over tightened these screws now and they have stripped the plastic out of the slider. I will add some thread lock to these screws so they have something to bit against.

So far I have made approx 400 rounds, I have fired approx 50 and they were all great. Very soft recoil and have not altered my point of aim at all. I have a 2 day IPSC competition this weekend, which is why I have made some many rounds. This will be the first competition that I will be using my own rounds for and I am confident it will help me place better.

I will follow up my posts with some positives I have found with the press, as so far all I have posted is problems and that’s not really representative of my experiences with this press so far. Once setup it was very, very easy to create completed rounds, and of the ones I fired they have all been consistent.

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