Monday, 14 March 2011

9mm vs S&W 40

Still waiting for reloading equipment, It's certainly taking it's time getting too me.

While I'm waiting I'm trying to decide what my main calibre should be. A little bit of back ground on what I’m am looking for. I’m a IPSC shooter, self defence isn’t important to me, as I don’t carry. I’m looking for round count, controlled recoil and target attainment as quickly as possible.

I have already discounted 45 ACP, as the round count is too low. I have been looking at 38 super but I don’t have any experience with it so I am mainly looking at 9mm and 40 S&W. These are the two calibres that are common where I live.

At the moment I am shooting 9mm, my gun is working very well with 9mm. The recoil is very controlled, and the pistol gets back onto the target quickly. I like the 20 rounds that the mags hold. The only down side to 9mm at the moment is that it’s putting me into minor for IPSC competitions. This is the reason I’m looking at 40 S&W. I have a little experience with 40 S&W, and so far it’s all been positive. I might be looking to purchase a new 2011 style gun in this calibre to do some more tests. The added benefit is that both 9mm and 40 S&W use small pistol primers, so reloading is quite straight forward for both of them.

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